Town chevron_right Sewers chevron_right Radament's Adobe

Completing Radament allows you to enter red portals found in Act II. Drops book of skill.


Dry Hills chevron_right Halls of the Dead chevron_right Juggernaut

Juggernaut drops the Horadric Ore ore

Maggot Queen

Far Oasis chevron_right Worm Hole chevron_right Queen's Lair

Maggot Queen drops the Staff of Kings staff


Lost City chevron_right Valley of Snakes chevron_right Claw Viper Temple chevron_right Ardual's Sun Altar

Ardual drops the Amulet of the Claw Viper claw viper amulet

Horadric Staff

ore + staff + claw viper amulet = horadricstaff


Lost City chevron_right Ancient Tunnels chevron_right Lost Tunnels

Rewards: Lindwyrm Charms

Dark Knight of Duriel

Harem chevron_right Palace Cellar Level 3

Dark Knight of Duriel in normal is a designated set dropper. He can drop any piece Griswold can and also:

  • Iratha's Finery
  • Cathan's Traps
  • Angelic Mantle
  • Tristram's Artifacts
  • Civerb's Icon

Other set droppers are found in Act I and Act III

Arcane Observatory

There's a new area between the Arcane Sanctuary and the Canyon of the Magi. You will find the Summoner inside the Arcane Observatory.


Duriel drops Duriel's Soulstone in hell difficulty.

Duriel attacks with strong cold and physical spells. Good Block Chance and physical resistance is important.


  • Level 15 Duriel Leap
  • Level 15 MonJab
  • Level 15 DuryBash
  • Level 40 FreezeAura


  • Level 15 Duriel Leap
  • Level 15 MonJab
  • Level 15 DuryBash
  • Level 40 FreezeAura
Normal Nightmare Hell

Level 19


72 60 60 66 60 80

Level 52


82 75 60 60 60 80

Level 80


82 75 60 60 60 80