The Secret Cow Level

To open the cow level you must collect four ingredients and transmute them in the Rogue Encampment with a character that has completed the baal quest on the respective difficulty. The Cow Level can still be opened after killing the Cow King. The four parts are Wirts Leg, Tome of Riches, Statue of Greed and Treasure Map.

  • Wirt's Leg - Griswold (Act I)
  • Tome of Riches - Summoner (Act II)
  • Statue of Greed - General Hatestorm (Act III)
  • Treasure Map - Shenk (Act V)

Rewards: Charms


Frigid Highlands chevron_right Asylum of War chevron_right Shenk's Pinnacle

Abholos is an endgame encounter, that drops Obsidian as a reward.

Realm of the Slain

Ancient's Way chevron_right Frozen Citadel chevron_right Vault of the Dead chevron_right Realm of the Slain

Realm of the Slain gives highest experience in the game. At the end of the map there is a portal to Throne of the Dead, leading to Samhain.

Entering Samhain TP requires Nihlatak and Baal Quest

Gates of Arimyth

Realm of the Slain chevron_right Gates of Arimyth

After entering Realm of the Slain kill Fauztin. He spawns a portal to Gates of Arimyth.

At the Gates of Arimyth there are three portals: West Arimyth, North Arimyth, East Arimyth. Defeat all 9 Heroes and transmute their body parts to create Ashes. Transmute 3 ashes to create elixirs, which permanently boost your character.

  • Normal: +10 Stat points to allocate
  • Nightmare: +1 Skill point to allocate
  • Hell: 1 Ear Charm to carry in inventory

Cavern of Souls

Glacial Trail chevron_right Drifter Cavern chevron_right Cavern of Souls

Cavern of Souls is a level 96 area.

Plain of Souls

Halls of Pain chevron_right Halls of Torment chevron_right Halls of Vaught chevron_right Plains of Souls

Nihlatak spawns a portal to Plains of Souls

In the Plain of Souls there are four portals to:

  • Fortress of Famine, kill Famine of Soulmancer to get the Glyph of Famine
  • Fortress of War, kill War of Soulmancer to get the Glyph of War
  • Fortress of Pestilence, kill Pestilence of Soulmancer to get the Glyph of Pestilence
  • Soulmancers Fortress Disaster of Soulmancer get a grand charm called Daybreak Soul

This daybreak aura makes the next boss, the Manifestation of Legion vulnerable to open wounds. When the Manifestation of Legion is destroyed it drops the Scroll of Legion that can be transmuted to complete the daybreak charm and Soulmancer will spawn.

Requires Nihlatak and Baal

Land of Shadows

The Land of Shadows (or LOS) is an end game area with powerful monsters and fat loot. Each of the final bosses drops a "heart" that gives a large bonus to a particular character class. The bosses don't die easily though, so you generally need to bring your A game to get the job done.

To get to the Land of Shadows you need to fuse together the 5 Keys found throughout the realm. The keys will only drop in Hell Difficulty. In addition to fusing together the keys you need to have the following quests completed: Hell baal, Countess Quest, Viper Amulet Quest, Council Quest, Hellforge Quest and Nihlathak Quest or you won't be able to enter the portal.

  • Key of Anguish: Countess
  • Key of Pain: Ardual
  • Key of Hatred: High Council
  • Key of Terror: Hellforge Dragon
  • Key of Destruction: Nihlatak

One final note - at the end of each area, the boss will open a portal to the next area. Make sure you don't use thorns damage (from an Iron Golem or Spirit of Barbs for example) to make the final kill or the portal won't spawn and you will be very unhappy.

Rewards: Hearts