In Hell Unleashed you can now fully equip mercenaries with Gloves, Belt, Rings and an Amulet along with the regular Helm, Body Armor and Weapon. To account for this they no longer gain resistances upon leveling.

Mercenaries deal 25% damage to bosses and receive 1000% damage from bosses

Hirelings do not gain experience from party member kills, but they do from your character and summons. Hirelings will not gain experience once they have reached your character's level. They will begin to gain experience again once your character levels up.

Hirelings do not benefit from block chance on shields.

Act I: Rogues


The Hirelings of Act I are available from Kashya in the Rogue Encampment. As Rogues, they specialize in the use of Bows and can be useful for ranged support.

Rogues can now use Crossbows as well as Bows

Physical Multishot, Magic Arrow, Guided Arrow
Cold Cold Arrow, Ice Arrow, Critical Strike, Pierce
Fire Fire Arrow, Exploding Arrow, Critical Strike, Pierce

Act II: Desert Mercenaries

desert mercenary

The Hirelings of Act II are available from Greiz in Lut Gholein. They specialize in Melee Attacks.

Act 2 Desert Mercenaries can now use Shields and Javelins.

Combat Blessed Aim, Jab, Vengeance
Offensive Might, Jab, Vengeance
Defensive Defiance, Jab, Vengeance
Combat (Nightmare) Fatigue, Jab, Vengeance
Offensive (Nightmare) Conviction, Jab, Vengeance
Defensive (Nightmare) Defiance, Jab, Vengeance

Act III: Ironwolves

iron wolf

The Hirelings of Act III are available from Asheara in Kurast. They specialize in Lightning, Magic, Fire, and Cold spell attacks. They also now have Holy Auras that pierce enemy resistances.

Act 3 Iron Wolves can now use Staves and Wands. They also have maximum spell level of 30, unlike other mercenaries that cap at 20.

Lightning Thunderstorm, Lightning Mastery, Charged Bolt, Chain Lightning
Fire Flamewave, Fire Mastery, Firebolt
Cold Blizzard, Cold Mastery, Iceblast, Glacial Spike
Poison & Bone Teeth, Bone Spear, Bone Orb, Bone Armor

Act V: Barbarians


The Hirelings of Act V are available from Qual-Kehk in Harrogath once you have finished the Rescue on Mount Arreat quest.

Act 5 Barbarians can now use Axes, Maces and Shields.

Combat Berserk, Stun, Concentrate
Werewolf Fury, Feral Rage, Frostbite
Werebear Maul, Shockwave, Fireclaws